We are the Rangers 1.9 is here

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Experience new sounds of the wild

Download version 1.9

New animal day and night cycles

Download version 1.9

There's something going on down at the watering hole.

We are the rangers is a community made, charity minecraft map

where rangers battle mobs against the clock to save wildlife from extinction.


Download and play the We are the Rangers Minecraft 1.9 map & quest

Thank you to the 116 people who helped make this map a reality!

or download and play the original 1.8 map & quest


I'm using Windows 7/8/10

I'm using Mac OS

I'm using Linux (good on you)

Alternatively, you can find your epic builds (if you helped make this) or keep on adding your own with our creative map download.

Note - the creative map isn't the single player map, but a creative mode version. You'll start with a flat building zone but be in the same world as the single player experience.

If you're thinking about setting up your own server to play the map, or want to get your favourite multiplayer server to host it then they'll need the resource pack.


I'm ready to continue | I want to build more!