The Maps

Information for Educators
Minecraft is one of the biggest games in the world, with an estimated 70 million copies sold to date. “We are the Rangers” Education Edition is a series of worlds which combine the genius of the Minecraft creator community with learning about conservation and the illegal wildlife trade.

Why use it in the classroom
Our aim is that the maps allow educators around the world to transport their students to Africa to learn about conservation and the challenges of wildlife crime, how rangers work to protect wildlife and other elements which link into your curriculum. The lesson plans have been created by experts with the aim of making it an exciting, interesting and inspirational educational experience

If you’re interested in engaging students with Minecraft in an education setting, then our new Education edition maps can help you! We’ve worked with expert map creators such as Adam Clarke and Dragnoz, Minecraft Education Edition experts Immersive Minds to develop a series of fun maps which link back to real learning objectives. Learn more and download the resources at

Gamer info
If you’re a gamer and want to get stuck in – then our 1.9 version of We are the Rangers is perfect for you. With quests such as “rescue the baby elephant” and “put a GPS tracker on the poachers truck” you’ll get hours of entertainment in a spectacular setting based on satellite data of key conservation sites in Africa. Find out how to download and install the 1.8 and 1.9 versions of the map by following the links below
Windows 7/8/10
Mac OS

The History of “We are the Rangers”

Back in 2014 we set out to create an awesome adventure map for charity, and we’re still very grateful to everyone who took the time to build on our development server and to those who shared our message across social media. The map that was developed was started by the Minecraft community, who submitted over 100 builds on our creative server – this gave us the building blocks to create the 1.8 version of the map, and the huge amount of positive feedback we received meant we knew we were on to something big!

The Team
The maps have been developed by Adam Clarke and Dragnoz and the learning materials by Stephen Reid and Catherine Morgan from Immersive Minds.

Expert conservation advice was provided by Dr Naomi Doak (Head of Conservation Programmes at The Royal Foundation) and digital advice from Peter Jacobs (Head of Digital at The Royal Foundation). We’re extremely grateful to Alasdair Davies and the Conservation technology team at ZSL London Zoo who have been fundamental to the development of the We are the Rangers concept from the beginning.

Funding for the learning resources has been provided by Microsoft and the for the maps by The Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. Of course, last but by no means least, we’re hugely grateful to all the Minecraft community who have been supportive as we’ve developed We are the Rangers from the early days of our create your own build server to today!

We Are The Rangers
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