We are the Rangers : Education Edition

Where can I download the maps and lesson plans for “We are the Rangers: Education Edition”?
You can download them from the Minecraft Education website

What are the worlds in We are the Rangers: Education Edition?

  • World One: Meet the Rangers – Visit Ranger HQ in the bush and learn how they work to protect elephants. Students will learn practical nature of a rangers job as well as the risks and dangers that they face
  • World Two: Humans & Elephants – In this map, students can explore the african bush and gain an undertstanding of the issues surrounding habitat destruction and land use conflict. Interact with Rangers to find and implement real life solutions to human elephant conflict such as bee fences and chillis
  • World Three: Running with Rhinos – Every rhino is precious and in this map, students will visit a rhino orphanage, learn about the special considerations a baby rhino may need and then build their own, putting what they’ve learned into practice
  • World Four – Detecting Wildlife Crime – to fight the illegal wildlife trade, an end to end approach is needed. In this map students will explore a working port and interact with staff to follow clues to stop the trafficking of pangolins
  • World Five – The Science of Conservation – students will source DNA samples from dung and use the facilities in the forensic conservation lab to track where illegal wildlife products have been taken from, and where elephants are at most risk!

What is Minecraft: Education Edition and how can I use it in the classroom?
The best information for this on the Minecraft: Education Edition website which can be found here https://education.minecraft.net/how-it-works/what-is-minecraft/

How much does it cost for a school and what kind of technology do I need?
More information on this is covered here https://education.minecraft.net/how-it-works/tech-specs/

Is Minecraft: Education Edition available in my country?
A country availability listing is available here https://education.minecraft.net/support/knowledge-base/country-availability/

If you have further questions covering – troubleshooting, deployment, game features or teaching with Minecraft then check out the Knowledge Base
Knowledge Base can be found at https://education.minecraft.net/support/knowledgebase

Version 1.9 Gamer Map

Where can I download the 1.8 and 1.9 versions of the map?

  • You can download version 1.9 (free of charge) it from this dropbox link
  • And download version 1.8 (free of charge) from this link

What are the available Quests in the 1.9 version of the map?

  • Find the Lodge
  • Investigate the Vultures
  • Investigate the lake
  • Find the Ranger gear and diary
  • Collect all the animal pictures
  • Travel via Jeep
  • Find the puppy tower
  • Find the puppies
  • Find the trapper tower
  • Find the trapper book
  • Remove the snares
  • Scare off the elephants
  • Take the mule to the traders camp
  • Find Basecamp
  • Rescue the Pangolins
  • Find the poachers
  • Collect animal DNA
  • Find the north tower
  • Find the informant
  • Collect the blue flower
  • Rescue the baby elephant
  • Place GPS tracker on Poacher truck
  • Find the hidden lab
  • GPS Tag 10 Rhinos
  • Find the Poacher’s boat
  • Free the Rhino’s and elephants

2. Is it multiplayer?

  • The map is co-op enabled, meaning you can play with your friends. The quests will be complete when any one of you have completed the required objectives.

3. I keep spawning underwater or at the command blocks

  • There are two versions of the map which can be downloaded – the 1.9 version MUST be played in Minecraft 1.9 or higher. Spawning at the command blocks means you are in Minecraft 1.8 or lower. You will have to delete the map and unzip / download a new copy and start again in Minecraft 1.9

4. How do I find my progress?

  • By the amount of badges you have collected ( you can find information on badges in the Lodge )
  • By using any Jeep, this will take you to the mini map that will show the location you have discovered. There are 11 discoverable locations
We Are The Rangers
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