1. What are the available Quests in the 1.9 version of the map?

  • Find the Lodge
  • Investigate the Vultures
  • Investigate the lake
  • Find the Ranger gear and diary
  • Collect all the animal pictures
  • Travel via Jeep
  • Find the puppy tower
  • Find the puppies
  • Find the trapper tower
  • Find the trapper book
  • Remove the snares
  • Scare off the elephants
  • Take the mule to the traders camp
  • Find Basecamp
  • Rescue the Pangolins
  • Find the poachers
  • Collect animal DNA
  • Find the north tower
  • Find the informant
  • Collect the blue flower
  • Rescue the baby elephant
  • Place GPS tracker on Poacher truck
  • Find the hidden lab
  • GPS Tag 10 Rhinos
  • Find the Poacher’s boat
  • Free the Rhino’s and elephants

2. Is it multiplayer?

  • The map is co-op enabled, meaning you can play with your friends. The quests will be complete when any one of you have completed the required objectives.

3. I keep spawning underwater or at the command blocks

  • There are two versions of the map which can be downloaded – the 1.9 version MUST be played in Minecraft 1.9 or higher. Spawning at the command blocks means you are in Minecraft 1.8 or lower. You will have to delete the map and unzip / download a new copy and start again in Minecraft 1.9

4. How do I find my progress?

  • By the amount of badges you have collected ( you can find information on badges in the Lodge )
  • By using any Jeep, this will take you to the mini map that will show the location you have discovered. There are 11 discoverable locations
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