Installation Instructions (Linux)

To play the We are the Rangers single player map you will first need to download the ZIP file that contains the map.

Once you have the ZIP file we need to extract the folder found inside and place this in your Minecraft /saves folder. The folder inside is called “We_Are_The_Ranger_Map_v0.5”

It’s usually simpler to extract the map folder inside the ZIP file to the same location as you downloaded it (usually your downloads folder, or wherever your browser downloads files to) and then copy and paste the extracted folder into the Minecraft /saves folder. Right click on the ZIP file and select to extract it. The We_Are_The_Ranger_Map_v0.5 folder will then appear if you refresh the same directory.

Now lets right click the We_Are_The_Ranger_Map_v0.5 folder and select “Copy”.

Next, let’s navigate to the Minecraft /saves folder so we can paste it in there. To do this, navigate to the /home/[yourusername]/.minecraft/saves/ folder. Paste the map folder We_Are_The_Ranger_Map_v0.5 inside there. That’s it!

Load up Mineraft, select version 1.8.8 and choose single player. Then select We are the Rangers and click “Play Selected World”.

We Are The Rangers
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