The Pangolin, similar to an anteater is the most trafficked mammal on the planet – trafficked by the ton for its meat and scales. Resembling a scaly artichoke, they’re hard to find and even harder to film. They’re also the hero of our Minigame – “the Golden Pangolin”, which you can play by adding as a server in Minecraft.

Pangolins (1)

However, these characterful little critters are being wiped out at a frightening pace, finding that the defence that’s served them so well for millions of years (rolling into an impenetrable ball) doesn’t help when it comes to humans and simply makes them very easy to pick up.

  • Over a million pangolins were snatched from the wild in the last decade
  • Pangolins are the world’s most trafficked mammal – they are literally trafficked by the tonne

Want to join our side in saying ‘enough is enough’? Why not take a screenshot of you with a Pangolin in game and share using the hashtag #WeAreTheRangers to be in with a chance to win some goodies. Play the minigame and take a screenshot of you triumphantly rescuing the Golden Pangolin and share with the hashtag #WeAreTheRangers.

Really keen? Sat at the front straining with your hand up muttering “pick me, pick me”? We like that! As a reward, we’ve developed a free online “Introducing Conservation” course – just visit and create an account, then learn at your own pace.

We Are The Rangers
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